IC Markets Discount

Introduction to IC Markets

IC Markets is an Australian broker that has an incredibly good reputation, which is responsible for operating online with various instruments.
It is regulated by ASIC. It was founded in 2007 and is operated by International Capital Markets PTY, its headquarters can be found at Level 6 309 Kent Street Sydney, NSW 2000.
This broker offers to the trader a quantity of 63 currency pairs, also offers an approximate of 41 CFDs in indices, metals, cryptocurrencies (which are the most sought-after instruments among the different traders) and futures contracts, all that You will find in their different types of accounts.
On the other hand, they offer a social copy service through Myfxbook and the ZuluTrade platform.

What are discount brokers?

In the world of trading there are discount brokers, this consists of a stockbroker who is responsible for making certain purchase and sale orders at a reduced commission rate.
It is important to understand that this discount broker does not provide any type of investment advice, much less perform any type of analysis on behalf of the client that uses it, as opposed to the original and complete broker. Before, working with a broker was a great investment or at least a significant one for anyone who wanted to trade but did not feel prepared for the fear of losing money. But now due to the existence of these discount brokers there is a wide range of discount brokers that allow people to trade with much lower capital.

What is IC markets discount?

To understand a little more in depth how it works, it is necessary to understand that through these brokers of descent the original investor only executes the order by the trader who wants to execute his order with discount.
In the case of security industries these discounted brokers work with their own accounts for traders. If you wish to work with IC markets discount you can find such discount brokers.
IC markets discounts brokerage can be found throughout the web, there are several that are really reliable and that offer the services and prices for the trader.

What benefit i will get using IC Markets discount?

In IC markets discounts platforms you can find that the platform offers a 21% discount in real time if an operation is opened, that is, if it starts to trade.
In this way the trader can enjoy a discount every time he decides to start an operation. To make this possible, the operation must be started in real-time discount mode, in this way he can save more money. If you work with the full broker you will have to pay a standard commission fee of an amount of $ 7 for a batch operation of 1.00 volumes, on the contrary if you use a discount broker you will only have to pay around $ 5.5, this is a Start in regards to safeguarding your money.
In the case of IC Markets rebates these can or are usually obtained by those traders who are usually regular and of course, professionals. Remember that this broker is very well regulated and is one of the best known in the market

Am I eligible for IC Markets Deposit discount?

If you are a beginner, not only in the IC Market broker, but also with the Forex market in general, then you will find a lot of help. These types of discounts are usually provided by this discount broker from IC markets in order to help beginners in the foreign exchange market in case they do not have the amount of capital needed to invest. That means you could just open a live account and start with $ 100. To obtain these discounts you must register with different IDs that will be provided by the IC Market discount broker.
Now in the event that the trader already has a previously opened account and that he has already used, but who also wants to use it, then he can choose to take advantage of a real-time discount on the commission, for this he must contact its IC Market discount broker of its choice and then fill a short formulary.

Do I still need to pay IC Markets commissions?

IC Markets is extremely well known because it charges a commission that is competitive if compared to other brokers in the market. This is due to various factors of the broker, for example, due to the fact that they include high market capitalization, as well as high liquidity and deep market vision and access. As if that were not enough, the trader can enjoy a discount on commissions every time he carries out some type of transaction or operation.

IC Markets tells the trader that its average spread in terms of EUR / USD is 0.1 pips, so after adding the commission equivalent of 0.6 pips in the cTrader account, the costs are 0.7 pips (or 0.8 in MT4).

If the trader makes more than 100 lots per month then it will also receive discounts, which are what we would call active trader offers.
In the case of the standard account that does not have IC Markets commissions, we can see an average spread of 1.1 listed by IC Markets, in this case this account does not look as attractive as the other ones that are based on commissions.
That is basically how it works the IC Markets commissions.

How do I get high volume discount

High volume merchants tend to benefit additionally and frequently. In the event that the trader can exchange more than 2,000 batch returns per month, then it is likely that he will receive additional IC Markets rebates. These additional IC Markets rebates are paid through PayPal every month that the goal has been achieved. High volume IC Markets rebates must start at $ 0.05 per lot. When you have achieved the cap, you should contact the broker.
Commission Discount: $1.50 / €1.20 per 1 Lot Round Turn
Discounted Commission: $5.50 / €4.30 per 1 Lot Round Turn

IC Markets account types

– First there is the Demo account, even the beginner trader can start without investing any amount of money, it is just a demo account. In this case a discount broker will not be necessary.
– Standard IC Markets account It is the account most used by traders, as it is the starting point to use MT4 and cTrader platforms.
– IC Markets MT4 True ECN Account offers all the great benefits and also has the leverage of a standard IC Markets account, however the spreads are much more competitive.

– IC Markets cTrader ECN Account, here you have the same benefits as the previous account, but you will have the opportunity to use the cTrader platform.
– MAM Account of IC Markets allows the client to operate with different types of accounts and manage them perfectly, although you will find very competitive spreads and it is preferable for traders with years of experience.

– Finally there is the IC Markets Micro Account, here you can trade with micro lots as low as 0.01. In this way, you can manage your own risk profile while continuing to operate.

Trading Tools

IC Markets offers the trader incredible new tools from which you can enjoy and thus make the experience much easier
And simple. These tools can only be found on the MT4 platform: this is the One-click tracking module; Extended monitor that allows a better view of the platform when trader; Market depth; Commercial risk calculator, this is a tool that is beginning to be widely used due to its functionality and Advanced order types.
How to open an IC Markets discount account
To open an account on one of these platforms you must follow the steps below.
– You must complete a form with name, surname, email identification.
-Then you must choose the type of account you will use.
Once you can solve this, you must configure your account and know which platform will be used by cTrader or MetaTrader5 or MetaTrader4 or MT Android or MT iPhone or MT Mac.

Then you should be able to choose the type of currency you will work with and provide your bank account information.

Full accounts or discount account?

Choosing one type of account or another will depend entirely on the type of investor you are and the type of investment you want to make.
It will also depend on the experience in the market, financial objectives and of course, the current financial statement. Many times people opt for the products and services offered by a discount broker since the commissions charged by the full broker are usually quite high and eliminate a good part of the profit.

In the case of full-service brokers, they become a better option for investors who need professional advice on different investments or require support in order to keep abreast of their financial planning outside of personal investment. These types of brokers, of discounts, are usually the best for those merchants who are usually more active, and they already lose less money in commissions.
But in general using an IC Market discount account will depend on the preference of the traders.

IC Markets Live Rebates with 21% Commission Discount

IC Markets charge $7 / rt Volume 1.00 lot for Live ECN account, We are official Introducing Brokers partners of IC Markets so we give traders a facility to pay 21% less for their trading. IC Markets has the lowest 0.0 spread among all ECN brokers and when you combine it with our discount then you will get lowest fee conditions in the forex market. This setup has now become gold standard for retail traders and day scalpers.

Further we are also offering 50% minimum deposit discount. So you can open live account with juts $100.

How to get IC Markets Discount and Rebates?

1) Go to IC Markets Live account opening page

2) Fill your personal details carefully.

3) At the bottom of form you will see Where you referred by an Introducing Broker?
Choose YES and type our IB Partner ID#  1695

4) Submit the form and you will shortly receive a welcome email from IC Marktes.

5) Your account will automatically get discount from ic markets.

Rebates for Existing IC Markets Clients

Existing IC Markets clients are also eligible for commission discount, Just send an email to: accounts@icmarkets.com and ask them to transfer your account under IB Partner#1695 (IC Markets FX)

In case of any problem please feel free to contact us