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IC Markets office 2 bligh Street Sydney NSW Australia

IC Markets office 2 bligh Street Sydney NSW Australia

IC Markets Review

International Capital Markets pty Limited, better known as IC Markets, is a well-known and leading Raw Spread Forex broker company from Australia. IC markets has been known because of offering 0.0 pips, which is the lowest in the forex market. The 0.0 pips do not contain any trading limits, Hedging, EA Robot Trading, News Trading and Scalping. Moreover, other high volume and high frequency in trading is acceptable for professional and retail traders. Furthermore, IC Markets is growing a fast pace, which enables the team to develop other trading models that helped in the success of the company.

Raw Spread Forex & CFD Broker

International Capital Markets pty Limited a.k.a IC Markets is a fastest growing Raw Spread Forex CFD broker from Australia. The broker gained popularity due to their lowest 0.0 pips spread on major pairs in the forex market and they don't have any trading restrictions, Scalping, Hedging, EA Robot Trading, News Trading, every kind of high frequency and high volume trading is allowed for retail and institutional traders. IC Markets runs a Raw Spread trading model also called Direct Market Access (DMA) or A-Book Broker which allow traders to trade lowest spread at institutional price set by liquidity providers. IC Markets Headquarters is located in the heart of Sydney’s financial district at the commercial area of 2 Bligh Street NSW Australia. The Forex brokerage firm IC Markets also has two other branch offices in the Asian region in Sydney and Cyprus. IC Markets has a huge client base all over the world, Majority of their clients comes from home land Australia followed by other countries like Canada, Singapore, UK, Japan, Europe and Asian countries. In 2014, According to Forex Magnets website IC Markets was listed in world's top 20 Forex brokers with a monthly turnover of $55 billion USD. Leaprate publication revealed that Australia Retail FX broker IC Markets reports record volumes of $313 billion for July 2017. IC Markets is a team of 100+ talented people they provide access to trade 80+ currency pairs, Futures CFDs and Metals on MT4, MT5, Ctrader on PC and mobile devices.

IC Markets Review Details
StatusForex Brokerage
Broker NameIC Markets
FounderAndrew Budzinski
Founded Year2007
RegulationASIC, FSA
LicenseSD018, AFSL No 335692
LocationAustralia, Seychelles
International officesAustralia , Cyprus
Accept US clientsNo
Accept EU clientsYes
Account TypesStandard MT4, Raw Spread MT4, Raw Spread Ctrader
Trading InstrumentsForex, Indicies, Crypto, Bonds, Stocks
Revenue ModelFlexible Spread, Commission
Account OptionsMAM, Copy Trading, Social Trading
Account currencyUSD, GBP, EUR, CHF, JPY, NZD, CAD, SGD, HKD, AUD
Payment MethodWire Transfer, Credit Card, Skrill, Paypal, Neteller
Minimum deposit ($)$200
Commission ($)$7 ($3.5 per side) standard lot
Commission ($) After Discount$5.5 ($2.75 per side) standard lot
Swap FreeYes
Islamic AccountsYes
Bonus PolicyNo
Trading SoftwareMetaTrader 4, cTrader, Advanced Trading
Platforms SupportedWindows, Mac, Android, iphone, Web
EA RobotsYes
Email[email protected]
Phone+61 (0)2 8014 4280
ChatLive Chat
Support LanguagesEnglish, Spanish, French, Japanese, Chinese
Office AddressIC Markets HIS Buildings, Providence Mahe, Seychelles

 Andrew Budzinski - The Man Behind IC Markets

Andrew Budzinski CEO IC Markets

Andrew Budzinski CEO IC Markets

In every success of a company, someone works hard to achieve the goals. Andrew Budzinski is the mind behind IC Markets. He is the chief executive officer and the founder of the leading company in Australia and around the world. With his 15 years of experience in over the counter derivatives and exchange trade, he was able to manage the company and brought it to the top. Everything that he has acquired from the companies he has worked with was beneficial and it helped him manage the IC Markets Forex Brokers responsibly and rightfully.

Andrew Budzinski the C.E.O / founder of IC Markets Forex Brokers is a successful business manager and entrepreneur with over a decade experience in both exchange traded and over the counter derivatives. He has been involved in the CFD Futures and Foreign Exchange industry since it’s inception in Australia in 2002.  In early days of his career he worked for different financial companies where he developed management skills and revealed his leadership qualities. In the past, Andrew has been work as the head of compliance for previously popular CFD broker CMC Markets which was the only competitor of IG Broker at that time. Andrew Budzinski then co-founded a CFD DMA brokerage company named First Prudential Markets also known as fpmarkets to dismiss the monopoly of CMC and IG brokers by adopting a Direct Market Access (DMA) Model and providing better trading conditions at lower fee.  After some time Andrew took a step down from his position he left fpmarkets and in 2007 he founded his own brokerage company we known as IC Markets. His goal was to provide a Raw Spread Trading platform to both retail and institutional traders without any trading restrictions by charging very low trading commission fee. Andrew is a very clear about his views, He focus on quality clients those who can build long term relationship with their company. Andrew Budzinski is very much interested to expand his business in Asia because there is a lack of Raw Spread forex CFD brokers in Asian region.

Andrew Budzinski - CEO,  IC Markets Interview

Great Advantages of IC Markets

IC Markets is one of the leading forex brokers in Australia with professional team that will provide great financial services. Our main goal is to provide good bridge between institutional and retail clients and offer best trading solution that is available from high net worth individuals or investment banks. We are born to provide superior execution of technology, unrivalled liquidity and low spreads.

With our excellent forex services, we become more expedient. Here are some of the advantages you may find out as you try to consider our business and learn why we are the fastest growing business in the global market.

  • Offer 24/7 service -IC Markets is open 24/7 wherein most of the financial centers all over the world are also open so there are no laps of liquidity that may happen.
  • Superior liquidity - One of the benefits you will receive once you decided to go for our services. We can ensure to you that your assets will be immediately converted into cash with just little impact in the price.
  • Great accessibility -The amount you will need to trade with our service is lower compared to other financial markets. Thus, you can get the full access to learn what is happening to your transaction.
  • Transparency- For some forex company, they move their stock in order for them to achieve the advantage they want. However, at IC Markets, you will be provided with deep liquidity when it comes to all forex transaction from us.
  • Low fees in trading - Another great advantage you will receive from IC Markets is our low cost of fee to all types of transactions we provide wherein you can surely save lots of money.
  • Adapt to changes in market. Because of different volumes to the forex market, volatility always exists. Since this kind of industry is a little bit unstable, they can still provide great trading opportunities wherein you have the chance to pick the right currency pairs that is best in your own style. At IC Markets, you will have the assurance that you will get the best trade that has real speed once it starts its transaction.
  • Trade with real advantage - In every transaction we make, we ensure to you that we will allow you to have lower initial outlay needed to control the larger position.

In addition, since there is no standard contract size from our services, you can trade at any amount. Thus, you will have the great capability to manage your own risk. Therefore, as you believe to our currency pair, you will have the chance to increase the value that you will stay longer and opt with the great services that we can provide in you.

IC Markets is the leading forex broker in Australia due to above mentioned factors. Due to the high quality of service we provide, most of our customers already put their trust and loyalty to us. If you want to learn more about what we can offer you, better check out our website.

How IC Markets Calculate Commission on trades?

IC Markets has a very clean & transparent commission calculation method which is quite accurate for each individual base account currency. The commission rate for their Raw Spread account types is different for Meta Trader (MT4/MT5) & Ctrader accounts.

Commission Rates for MT4 & MT5 Raw Spread Accounts

IC Markets Raw Spread Commission Rates for Meta Trader 4 & Meta Trader 5 trading platforms are showing below as per the base account currency for Micro Lot Commission & Standard Lot Commission, (lot 0.01 or 1,000) & (lot 1.00 or 100,000) respectively.

Details of IC Markets Raw Spread Commission for Meta Trader 4 & Meta Trader 5 rates are given.

Currency CodeBase Account CurrencyMicro Lot
0.01– per side
Micro Lot
0.01– round turn
Standard Lot
1.00 – per side
Standard Lot
1.00 – round turn
AUDAustralian Dollar0.040.073.507.00
USDUS Dollar0.040.073.507.00
GBPPound Sterling0.030.052.505.00
SGDSingapore Dollar0.050.094.509.00
JPYJapanese Yen3.507.00325.00650.00
CHFSwiss Franc0.040.073.306.60
NZDNew Zealand Dollar0.050.094.509.00
CADCanadian Dollar0.040.073.507.00
HKDHong Kong Dollar0.270.5427.1354.25

Commission Rates for cTrader Raw Spread Account

As compared to MT4 & MT5 raw spread accounts, IC Markets charge commission on cTrader raw spread accounts very differently. For Ctrader raw spread account the commission is charged per side, per 100,000 USD traded. This is different to MT4/MT5 which charges a fixed amount per lot.

IC Markets explains Ctrader commission on raw spread accounts as,

The commission charged on the cTrader platform is $3 USD per 100,000 USD traded. The USD commission amount is converted to the base currency of an account at the current spot rate. An example of the commission calculation on a cTrader account is below.

 Calculation @ $3 USD per 100,000 USDStandard lot commission on EUR/USD
Opening Price€100,000 x 1.3000 = USD $130,000 x (3 / 100,000)$3.90
Closing Price€100,000 x 1.3100 = USD $131,000 x (3 / 100,000)$3.93
Total Commission on Trade$7.83

IC Markets currency Spread explained.

IC Markets has one of the thinest spread in the world, their EURUSD spread starts from 0.0 which makes them lowest trading cost ECN broker. Apart from EURUSD, The other major currency pairs such as GBPUSD, USDCAD, USDJPY & AUDUSD also starts from 0.1 on an average. Currency spread has a very complex structure as they always fluctuate depending the liquidity provided by a currency exchange. Spread fluctuations always happends to due buyers & sellers entry and exit in the market what we called supply and demand.

Moreover, following table shows details of IC Markets spread along with minimum spread and average spread.

EURUSDEuro vs United States Dollar00.111.1
GBPUSDBritish Pound vs United States Dollar00.411.4
USDJPYUnited States Dollar vs Japanese Yen00.211.2
AUDUSDAustralian Dollar vs United States Dollar00.211.2
USDCADUnited States Dollar vs Canadian Dollar00.511.5
USDCHFUnited States Dollar vs Swiss Franc00.511.5
AUDCADAustralian Dollar vs Canadian Dollar00.811.8
AUDCHFAustralian Dollar vs Swiss Franc00.811.8
AUDJPYAustralian Dollar vs Japanese Yen00.411.4
AUDNZDAustralian Dollar vs New Zealand Dollar00.811.8
CADCHFCanadian Dollar vs Swiss Franc0112
EURCADEuro vs Canadian Dollar01.112.1
CADJPYCanadian Dollar vs Japanese Yen00.611.6
CHFJPYSwiss Franc vs Japanese Yen00.811.8
EURAUDEuro vs Australian Dollar00.511.5
EURCHFEuro vs Swiss Franc00.711.7
EURGBPEuro vs British Pound00.411.4
EURJPYEuro vs Japanese Yen00.311.3
EURNZDEuro vs New Zealand Dollar01.312.3
GBPAUDBritish Pound vs Australian Dollar01.112.1
GBPCADBritish Pound vs Canadian Dollar01.512.5
GBPCHFBritish Pound vs Swiss Franc00.611.6
GBPJPYBritish Pound vs Japanese Yen00.811.8
GBPNZDBritish Pound vs New Zealand Dollar03.414.4
GBPTRYBritish Pound vs Turkish Lira019.8120.8
NZDCADNew Zealand Dollar vs Canadian Dollar01.312.3
NZDCHFNew Zealand Dollar vs Swiss Franc00.911.9
NZDJPYNew Zealand Dollar vs Japanese Yen00.711.7
NZDUSDNew Zealand Dollar vs United States Dollar00.411.4
USDSGDUnited States Dollar vs Singapore Dollar00.311.3
AUDSGDAustralian Dollar vs Singapore Dollar01.112.1
CHFSGDSwiss Franc vs Singapore Dollar02.113.1
EURDKKEuro vs Danish Kroner00.711.7
EURHKDEuro vs Hong Kong Dollar03.314.3
EURNOKEuro vs Norwegian Kroner0718
EURPLNEuro vs Polish Zloty03.614.6
EURSEKEuro vs Swedish Krona04.715.7
EURSGDEuro vs Singapore Dollar00.911.9
EURTRYEuro vs Turkish Lira04.415.4
EURZAREuro vs South African Rand042.5152.5
GBPDKKBritish Pound vs Danish Kroner08.619.6
GBPNOKBritish Pound vs Norwegian Kroner031.2132.2
GBPSEKBritish Pound vs Swedish Krona01831184
GBPSGDBritish Pound vs Singapore Dollar01.612.6
NOKJPYNorwegian Kroner vs Japanese Yen00.311.3
NOKSEKNorwegian Kroner vs Swedish Krona01.212.2
SEKJPYSwedish Krona vs Japanese Yen00.211.2
SGDJPYSingapore Dollar vs Japanese Yen00.411.4
USDCNHUnited States Dollar vs Chinese RMB00.911.9
USDCZKUnited States Dollar vs Czech Republic Koruna044.5154.5
USDDKKUnited States Dollar vs Danish Kroner02.713.7
USDHKDUnited States Dollar vs Hong Kong Dollar00.711.7
USDHUFUnited States Dollar vs Hungarian Forint04.715.7
USDMXNUnited States Dollar vs Mexican Peso028.4129.4
USDNOKUnited States Dollar vs Norwegian Kroner010.2111.2
USDPLNUnited States Dollar vs Polish Zloty04.715.7
USDRUBUnited States Dollar vs Russian Ruble094.6195.6
USDSEKUnited States Dollar vs Swedish Krona08.219.2
USDTHBUnited States Dollar vs Thai Baht033.7143.7
USDTRYUnited States Dollar vs Turkish Lira025126
USDZARUnited States Dollar vs South African Rand023.9124.9

Nice Broker

Rated 4 out of 5
October 2, 2022

I would like to recommend a broker. I recommend beginners to try IC Markets, it stands out by trading conditions, the size of the deposit does not matter, and reviews about the broker IC Markets on the site and on other feedbacks quite positive. Of course, it is not necessary to wait for the exorbitant profit on the minimum, but still better than a demo, where no excitement and excitement I personally did not observe.

Avatar for Red21


Rated 4 out of 5
April 14, 2021

Yes indeed

One of the best forex sites you should try

Avatar for Stevenmoops

successful withdrawals

Rated 5 out of 5
April 1, 2020

Instant funds withdrawals with exceptional trading conditions.

Avatar for richard walters
richard walters

Support is a bit slow

Rated 4 out of 5
November 7, 2019

I found them good with their platform and specially the spreads are very thin but the customer support needs to be more active specially on weekends.

Avatar for Amir Aziz
Amir Aziz

Nice rebate

Rated 5 out of 5
November 4, 2019

I just open account from your website with $100 and got my discount. Seems like good to me so far.

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