About IC Markets

IC Markets is based in the very heart of Australia, which is Sydney. Its headquarters are lying on the very famous financial district, which is part of the commercial area of Sydney. IC Market does not only work for Australians, but also serve people from China and Vietnam. IC Markets is always ready to serve the people around the globe. IC Markets have several clients who believe in the teams’ ability and services. Australians are usually our clients but our service did not only stop for Australia. We also serve the people of Singapore, Canada, Japan, Europe, UK and other parts of Asia. IC Markets’ expertise has travelled across the world. We have been proving our worth as the best True ECN Forex broker anyone could find. Read full review here.

Direct Market Access (DMA) or A-Book Broker (True ECN Model)

IC Markets have created a Direct Market Access (DMA) or A-Book Broker, which is a True ECN model. The model is a useful tool to every trader since it permits them or you to trade lowermost spread at institutional prices, which is set by liquidity benefactors. Furthermore, the path to success for IC Markets has not been a smooth ride. The team has been through difficulties in the first years of the business but it did not stop us from working hard. Because of the difficulties that we experienced, we were able to come up with marketing strategies that pulled us out of the hardships that we were swimming. The marketing strategies focused on the variety of Forex related forums and website. Thus, IC Markets has entered the social media, give the traders educational contents, which can be studied and can be a source of reference for every trader.