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IC Markets  – The World's largest True ECN forex broker

Ranked above numerous Market Maker and ECN Brokers because of the tight spreads, IC Markets helps traders preserve their capital through paying low commission fees. IC Markets is world-renowned ECN brokers trusted by many in the forex exchange market. Professional traders trust IC Markets because of its reliability, quality service, security, and numerous other advantages. Be one of countless traders who have already reaped the benefits of choosing IC markets over the other.
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About ICMarkets

IC Markets is a True ECN broker offering the lowest spreads in the forex industry. They are ranked above many ECN and Market Maker Brokers due to their tight spreads. You will preserve your capital by paying small commission fees instead of fluctuating widening spreads. Not to sure yet if IC Markets is right for you? IC Markets is widely known and trusted as one of the best and most convenient ECN brokers world wide. Read More...

IC Markets Rebates

We provide real time 21% discount at the time of opening a trade. You will get instant discount each time you open a trade. All your trades will go via discount mode at real time. Instead of paying $7 you will pay $5.5 commission fee for 1.00 Volume Lot trade and so on.  This setup is perfect for professional scalpers and regular forex traders. IC Markets is an ASIC Regulated broker which ensures safe investment.

IC Markets Discount 50% OFF

As a gesture of good faith we encourage retail traders from all around the world specially from Asian countries to open a live trading account with 50% deposit amount ($100 for Standard/TrueEcn and $500 for Ctrader ECN account). The spread and trading conditions will remain same for each account. Once you open a Live Trading account via this link or by providing our partner ID: 1695 during registration and after verification of ID documents, then you will be automatically eligible to deposit 50% amount of the required capital.

Why Choose IC Markets

Foreign exchange market is considered as today’s largest financial market in the world. Due to this, lots of forex broker emerge, providing and promising you best services that you could choose from. The flamboyant phrases of promises can be alluring and the massive option can be confusing. So if you are about to choose which one is the right forex exchange broker for you, IC Markets is best to consider. We will tell you why.

We are the oldest forex broker in Australia that has been founded in Sydney. We offer great services such as low slippage, with platform options, low fees and spreads and high leverage. Aside from great services that we guarantee, there are numerous other reasons why you should consider us:

  • Offers true security – As the leader broker, we can ensure to you that our services are being offered with high security wherein you will never waste thousands of your dollar. We utilize true ECN pricing to all different kinds of account in which you have the assurance that you will get direct access to all interbank prices from different banks. We ensure that all the offered services benefit our partners. In addition, you will have assurance that we are listed to the right corresponding regulatory bodies of Australian Securities and Investment Commission. Your investment is protected and secured.
  • Real transaction cost - Whatever kind of currency you want to trade from us, you will always be prioritized. We are reliable broker whom you can trust wherein you will be provided with kinds of spread that suits to the kind of trading you want. IC Market has the ability to offer you a very competitive spread to all global cash indices. What we offer now is all about right balance between the transaction cost and security.
  • Best execution - Aside from our best price in your order, we will provide you fast execution. We want to ensure that we can provide faster execution speed as much as possible but with reliable and secure infrastructure.
  • Good withdrawal and deposit - At IC Markets, we will allow you to withdraw and deposit your earnings without any hassle. We want to make everything easy for you and ensure you that you will experience smooth and faster transaction.
  • Great trading platform - We have stable and user-friendly trading platform wherein all the trading activities do come true. It can offer you free news, feed, easy to use and provide useful information that you may need regarding your trade.
  • Impressive customer service - If there are some problems you may encounter, we can help you deal with it. We are always ready to provide our help to all kinds of transaction wherein there is no need for you to worry. Our technical and account support will ensure you their great assistance to resolve any problem you have.

IC Markets is the right place for you when it comes to foreign exchange trading. We are the online forex broker choice by most of the traders all over the world that you can rely on at all times.

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0.4 pip rebate

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Ctrader Account
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$5.5 / Vol 1.00 Lot

8% Real Time Discount

Extreme Scalping


EA Robots

Spread from -0.3 pips

500:1 Leverage

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We are Official IB’s ® Partners of IC Markets ECN Broker having Partner ID: 1695. We are real time forex rebate & discount provider working with IC Markets to provide you the best trading conditions internationally. By combining EUR/USD 0.0 pip spread with our commission discount, you will have the ultimate lowest possible cost solution around all forex brokers. We have already compare IC Markets spread with different forex brokers and most of them were far away from IC Markets. If you are still not sure then just signup a DEMO ACCOUNT and we are sure results will go beyond your imagination!

IC Markets Rebates and Discounts

IC Markets FX is one of the largest IB Partner of IC Markets True ECN Broker, We help traders to trade with low commission fee there fore we offer 21% real time commission fee discount to all ECN Accounts. Existing IC Markets account holders can fill this form to sent their account details to and ask them for a real time commission fee discount under our IB Partner ID = 1695. This will allow you to trade with the lowest possible fee with IC Markets. New traders can open accounts with minimum $100 deposit to receive an exclusive discount from our IB website.
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Commission fee $5.5 Volume Lot 1.00 for all ECN Accounts